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Translated German Feeback:
(it's my personal translation and I hope my clients are happy with the words I chose)


The Reconnection feedback "no more compromises"

Dear Natanja, thank you again from my heart for your successful work on me. The Reconnection was and is still intense, clear and doesn't let any more compromises in my life happen, that would lead me away from my primary information . Total trust..... Thank you and I wish you from my heard the power, to help many more people on their way. Nice to know you are in this world!

Grit Pensold


The Reconnection feedback "I am on my way!"

Comparing before and after the Reconnection, I clearly can say, that I sensed a change in my emotional world instantly. Many things I took personally till then. Suddenly I noticed a larger stability in myself and a feeling of "I am on my way!" I am saver in my decisions, that I choose. And it is suuch a big step in my life. Thank you, Natanja. I recommend The Reconnection, if you want to feel a deep Connection with yourself and everything again.

Janine Schaff (by now Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner) Heckenbeck


The Reconnection feedback "thyroid gland

In which extend has my life changes since my Reconnection in July 2013? 

Considered in retrospect The Reconnection has brought my spiritual life a big step forward, that makes me really thankful. But even on physical level there has happen a lot.

I was born as preemie without thyroid gland (happens really rarely). It's due to my mothers intuition and mindfulness, that just after some weeks after my birth - against the opposition by the medics(!) - I was extensive tested medically and as a consequence of permanent controlling supplemented adequat medicinal (thyroid hormone in tablet form). The semiannual controls since then are routine for me. My medics tell me, an increase of certain values without thyroid gland are not possible from academic medicine viewpoint (supposedly). In my case the values should be near zero - what was the case until 2013....

Amazingly at a rountine controlling since beginning of 2014 - so about 6 months after my Reconnection -  these values are rising really slowly, but (till now) steady! (A tumor was excluded.) Naturally since my Reconnection you can't exclude errors in measurement or labor, but by now to me this is implausible. Me as well, don't know how the sonographic and blood measurements will develop. From conservative/ academic medicine viewpoint this phenomenon is maybe not explainable (yet). But to me there is a chonological compliance with my Reconnection.

I would not claim that due to The Reconnection a (physical) thyroid gland would grow, but I am open for everything what will develop positively and what will change....

Anke, 10. Juli 2014

More feedbacks from talks, phoning and so on:
  • "I am grounded, calmer.... I don't have to go to every seminar any more... I don't have this "fear to miss something" any more" (B. S.)