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The Personal Reconnection

The Personal Reconnection© is to connect anew and permanently to the grid of the Universe by our meridians. We are re-connected with our origin, the Universe, God, other dimensions - in short: EVERYTHING!

We all had this connection with everything once - and lost it. With new frequencies it is now possible to renew this connection permanently - to reconnect, to become ONE with our origin. To wake our ancient and great power and abilities!

The Personal Reconnection© enables the exchange of Light, Information and Energy - contact to higher vibration frequencies, which leads to healing and development. In addition The Reconnection© affects our DNA, which is relegated to its original state. This effects our individual evolution positively.

The Personal Reconnection© is a global, permanent transformation to bring us back on our path of life. This opens unforeseen possibilities. The Reconnection© is absolutely individual. What happens in these sessions and afterwards depends only on the person and what the Universe considers appropriate.


If you decide on The Personal Reconnection© we suggest Reconnective Healing© to bring you back into balance first to create a better foundation for The Reconnection©.


The Personal Reconnection© consists of two Sessions. So called axiatonal energy lines, meridianes will be activated, which are similar to those known from Acupuncture. A distance session isn't possible with The Personal Reconnection©, attendance is absolutely necessary. (It's possible to stay overnight at the Lern- und Heiltreff, if needed please contact me about it.)


The Personal Reconnection© pulsates on the 333-Vibration, which determines the energy exchange of 333,- €/$/£ (for further information in your country please visit the Reconnection Homepage).

The Personal Reconnection© is only possible in a one-to-one session.


"IT'S TIME TO COME HOME!" (Eric Pearl)


Please consider that with The Reconnection we give no promises or guarantees. We won't give a diagnosis and won't define any health related problems! The client is responsibleto consider to consult his medic of trust.


To read: Information about sessions (PDF)

Appointments according to prior agreement.

Energy Balancing: 333,- €