Reconnect to Universe

Practicing Reconnective Healing  & The Reconnection

Reconnect & More Meetings

These regular meetings are to create a forum for

- inform those who are interested,

- give those with experience the change for an exchange,

- let the attendees feel the Reconnection frequencies.


Time table

14-15 h: Meeting exclusive for those attendees who've already had The Reconnection®. With this I want to give a change to work more focused into their new possibilities, to look deeper into their new freedom and their skills and to create a change to exchange experiences.

15-17 h: The actual Reconnect & More Meeting

Exchange around topics like Reconnective Healing©und The Reconnection©, as well as Solomon speaks, the Keys of Enoch and more. Exchange of information, experiences,... trying and feeling. Those interested can get into exchange with those with information, get to feel the Reconnective Healing Energies and can try themselves what they're able to do.

I offer you the possibility to have a look into the books (The Reconnection, Solomon speaks, Keys of Enoch) to get a feeling for the content. In addition we can talk about actual topics, can exchange news and just enjoy the time together.

We want to have time together in easiness and want to feel the individuality of the energies. (Please keep in mind that in this time there's not change to have a session on a massage table. Thank you.)


Let's experience the new frequencies and "play" with them!

Let's bring Light and Information to the planet together!



Please keep in mind that this is NOT a teaching seminar! Training for Reconnective Healing Practitioners are just done through the organisation The Reconnection and in Germany through the Deutschen Reconnection Verband.


I'll ask you kindly to register.
Tea and water are prepared.
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Fee: Energy exchange in your discretiion (value for orientation: 15 € - with preliminary meeting 25 €)

More information about Energy exchange Here