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Information about Sessions (The Reconnection Organization,

Clothes: Dress comfortable. You will lie down completely dressed and without shoes on your back on a cushioned massage table. (Please inform your Practitioner about problems lying on your back).

Smells, Flavors, Taste experiences: While Sessions clients often experience diverse smells, flavors and tastes. Please refrain from using perfume for the sessions if possible.

Jewelry, Belts, Coins, Mobile phones etc.: Reconnective Healing doesn't shows the weaknesses and liability of "energy healing", because energy is just a part of the Reconnective Healing spectrum, which is more comprised and contains energy, light and information. This is why it is not necessary either to empty your trouser pockets or take off belts, coins, rings, watches or even with battery powered objects like mobile phones, as long as it doesn't make you uncomfortable.

Ideal Mental Attitude: Just close your eyes and let go everything. Become observer and observed, become witness and perceive everything. Watch everything when perceiving anything; watch everything when perceiving nothing and watch everything when you perceive something again. Allow yourself to experience the wonder of an inner anticipation, without anticipate something certain. Trust in that you will experience your determined healing.

Length: Reconnective Healing sessions usually take around 30 Minutes. Healing takes place beyond constrictions of time and space, so longer sessions don't mean better outcomes. Normally one up to three sessions are needed. The Reconnection contains two sessions that usually take 45 to 60 Minutes and ideally take place at two consecutive days or with a free day in between.

Cost of the Sessions: Overall cost for The  Reconnection are 333 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD or the equal cost in other currencies, VAT inclusive. Costs can differ according to countries but not inside a country or between individual Practitioners. In other words in the US the costs are always 333 USD, in Europe always 333 Euro or the appropriate conversion rate etc. This sum is classified as fixed price and is not allowed to be handled as offering "parcel". Costs for a Reconnective Healing session is defined by the Practitioner individually, but also not as part of a "parcel" or with other discounts.

Combinations of methods: The Reconnection and/or Reconnective Healing sessions are not allowed to combine with energy healing techniques, sounds, crystals or other "energy methods". Combinations of any kind water down the effect of the sessions and reduce them to something, that is far away from a complete Reconnective Healing and/or of The Reconnection. Avoid some days before and one week after your session any kind of "energy work". The longer you stay in your own energy the better. Please let us know about your experiences and inform us, too, if your practitioner differs in any manners from the specified above.